How to get Involved?

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Some things you can do…

  1.  Volunteer

  2. Make Treats for Sales

  3. Host a Fundraiser/Help Organize an Empty Bowls Event

  4. Host a Presentation

  5. Help Mail Notes and Newsletters to Donors, Schools, and Community Groups

  6. 6. Sign up for Amazon Smile and Choose Kids 4 Afghan Kids (AKA MASHA) as your Charity

  7. Global Giving Website - Donate During Matching Challenges and Promotion.

  8. Help With Finding/Writing Grants

  9. Work at Our Booths

           a. Northville's Heritage Festival

           b. Hope Lutheran Church Alternative Christmas

  10. Knit, Purchase, or Collect Hats, Gloves, and Scarves for Cold Weather to Send to Students


Monday – Saturday
Morning, Afternoon or Evening


123 Demo Street
Manhattan, NY 12345