October 2017

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Kids 4 Afghan Kids is an organization that is driven by American students to make a better world for their fellow students in Afghanistan. The mission is to provide humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people, including returning refugees, to create an opportunity for cooperative efforts between the United States and Afghanistan, and to develop and enhance educational and cultural understanding and exchange opportunities.

The goals of this organization is out of this world.

Kids 4 Afghan Kids has three major goals that include:

  • to re-establish equal educational faculties for boys and girls

  • humanitarian assistance

  • development of opportunities for economic self-reliance which will facilitate repatriation.

This organization started in 1998, a group of 6th graders in Northville, MI founded it.  Khris Nedam helped with the beginning of Kids 4 Afghan Kids and is still the US Director and has received a prestigious award in 2007 for Citizen Diplomacy.

Khris also was one who addressed the Sarasota World Affairs Council in April of 2014. For fundraising activities they have done annual hoedown and silent auction, may awareness month which include bake sales, speaking to groups around the country, making and selling cake pops, working at a booth in Northville Victorian festival, working for tips at the Northville Craft Show, selling friendship bracelets, selling shirts, and empty bowl fundraisers. Some accomplishments of Kids 4 Afghan Kids include raising $700 at the 2014 Victorian Festival, $800 during the 2015 Victorian Festival, raising $5000 on Global Giving, being added to global givings permanent organization list, building 4 schools in Afghanistan, having 165 graduates in 2014 and 16 graduates who will attend college in 2014, and lastly a fundraiser worked with the Northville Rotary Club, which helped receive some of the funds raised in the 2015 Tour de Ville.