Our Projects

Since founded in 1998, we have helped and supported clinics, hospitals, orphanages and schools in Afghanistan. Kids 4 Afghan Kids has raised over 1.5 million dollars, along with impacting more than 500 families with clean water.


The Clinic

While constructing the first school discussions developed around the fact that the children of the village had never had the opportunity for health care.  We decided that it was necessary to provide health care in order for our students to be healthy. 


During a visit in 2002 it became evident that the next big need was for an orphanage.   We had 35 boys living in their classroom.   They would roll up their mats in the morning before school started, then attend classes during the morning.  They would tend the gardens in the afternoon and then after the afternoon classes finished they would unroll their mats to sleep at night.   


On the adjoining land we are currently building a hospital.  When it is complete it will have room for patients to stay the night, operating rooms, and more options for complete care than our current medical clinic.


We began thinking we would build a one room school house.  That thought grew into a 6 room school.   We projected that 140 students would attend school.  We had an agreement with the village elders that both boys and girls would attend school.   Respecting cultural norms, we had boys attend school in the morning and girls in the afternoon.